The Town of Pelham's Debt is out of control!

The Town of Pelham has the highest per capita debt in the Niagara Region. And Town Council under Mayor Dave's leadership shows no signs of stopping.

Pelham D.E.B.T. is a group of concerned Pelham taxpayers who want fiscal responsibility from our elected officials while maintaining our village community values.

We can't be expected to keep paying for the missteps of this council.

To them we say No More. Dave! Enough Borrowing and Taxes!.

Like Pelham is made up of 5 villages, DEBT has been created for all groups in Pelham and all of it’s residents, to have 1 strong voice

Mayor Augustyn, in his own words

So you’re saying the Town’s finances are absolutely fine...

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Pelham councillor says Junkin “got the figures right”; Reserve funds nearly depleted

Special meeting on Town finances raises almost as many questions as it answers

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The road to $59 million

Former councillor says debt is hidden; Town says financial statements are accurate. Both could be right.

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Audit Committee to Pelham: Release the audit

Niagara Region’s Audit Committee lambastes Mayor Augustyn about reportedly undisclosed audit that revealed $17 million in missing debt

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Pelham councillor explains why he resigned

Marv Junkin cites “unethical and dishonest” path taken by Council

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Junkin resigns from Pelham Town Council

"As Council continues down a path that I feel is increasingly unethical and dishonest..."

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Save Junkin

stay updated as the mayor sinks the ship in pelham.

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