We the undersigned petition the Town of Pelham Mayor and Municipal Councillors as follows;

WHEREAS the Town of Pelham acquired land using its Park Dedication by-law; and

WHEREAS the Town of Pelham issued “Municipal Credits” to the developer to pay for this land, creating
an unfunded liability; and

WHEREAS the Town of Pelham subsequently purchased those credits with cash; and

WHEREAS the propriety of this transaction has been brought into question by concerned citizens; and

WHEREAS the Town of Pelham has claimed everything is legal and accounted for; and

WHEREAS there appear to be discrepancies in the narrative, the accounting, the timing, and the debt levels associated with this transaction; and

WHEREAS Mr. Rainer Hummel has offered to pay $ 50,000.00 towards funding a full 3rd party independent forensic audit of Town of Pelham finances with respect to this transaction;

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, being residents of the Town of Pelham DO HEREBY PETITION the Town of Pelham to:
Accept Mr Hummel’s Offer;
And conduct a full forensic audit of the land deal in question;
And cooperate fully with the independent Auditor;
And waive any non-disclosure agreement limitations of past staff who would have knowledge of the transaction;
And cooperate with Mr, Hummel, the Region of Niagara’s Audit Committee and Region of Niagara’s Procurement Office to draft the Terms of Reference and scope of the Audit;

And ensure completion of the Audit prior to May 1st, 2018

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