NICE JOB IF YOU CAN GET IT – Pelham CAO only manages 23% raise over 2 years

Source: Ontario Public Sector Salary Disclosure

Do the Mayor’s bidding and you will be rewarded.

Poor CAO Ottaway only earned a measly $143,068.30 in 2014.   After successfully implementing Mayor Dave’s Excessive Borrowing and Taxation scheme (D.E.B.T.), the CAO has been well rewarded with a 16% increase to $166,827.39 in 2015.   He must have let the Mayor down with the exposure of his stinky land swap deal, because poor Darren only managed a 5.5% raise in 2016 to $176,076.77.

Please pray for Darren and let’s hope he has got himself back in the Mayor’s good graces.   How can anyone be expected to live in Pelham with only a 23% increase over two years.

Makes you go Hmmmmmm?!?!?!